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Video Conferencing, Collaboration + Whiteboard Custom Integration Solutions and Services

        There are multiple use cases for effective communication, that require small and medium and enterprise businesses work under collaborative settings.  However one of the major challanges is lack of industry expertise to help businesess with their challanges.  What we can offer company is our integration and consulting services for variety of communication use cases.  For example if your company is a small shop that specializes in providing specific service requiering you to provide workshops or lectures broadcasted remotely to others and need method of doing so that will not break your pocket in a way that makes sense for your use cases, then we can help your company by creating custom crafted solution that satisfies your particular  communication use case.

What type of Communications solutions are available out there right now?

     There are voice, video, whiteboard, chat, desktop sharing, file sharing, pen writing on tablet pc, type of methods for collaborative communication, and all of these communication solutions believe it or not tend to be isolated from the reality of an actual use case that company needs..  Some companies may require intercombination of multiple functions for their employees ranging from, flexibility to hold video conference meetings with multiple employees, in variety types of modes, ranging from presentation mode, ranging from real time comunication mode or any other type of mode that is suitable for business.  The problem with all the solutions out there is that they are simply not flexibile, or perhaps in many cases simply an overkill of what customer actually needs!  

How our company can help with custom build out and integration of communication solutions to satisfy company's goal?

       We can help companies, create solution based on their needs, and intercombine variety of communication solutions together into a single solution.   For example if your company would like effective collaboration solution and at the same time gain access to archives of chat logs that hapenned between certain employees within these communications, we can craft that up for your company.  Or for example if one of the use cases for your company is to ensure that your employees can simply join video conferences from web browser and obtaining access to video and voice recording we can integrate that as well.  

         Regardless if your use case of being a lecturer with multiple participants listening and you being able to hear all of the participants and select specific participant or multiple set of participants inter communicating with one another out of the group of multiple participants we can integrate that as well.  We can buld solution function by function one step at a time to satisfy your needs.

Looking for Whiteboard Integration Solution Experts?

Are you a Small, Medium Business looking for reliable video conferencing/collaboration solution?

  • Have a small or medium size business and looking for affordable solution to collaborate between team members?
  • Trying to get the solution that makes sense for your company and makes it easy to sketch out ideas but does't cost a fortunate?
  • Have custom workflow that you simply can't figure out how to integrate with your collaboration solution?
  • Want to sketch and record whiteboard interactions of your team in the form of Voice, Video in controlled fashion?
  • Want to increase your productivity and make it possible to easily sketch out your ideas between multiple team members?
  • Looking for a video conferencing solution that works side by side with whiteboard?
  • Looking for video conferencing to work with whiteboard and with legacy h.323 and SIP systems?
  • Looking for video conferencing and collaboration solutions to help your employes share files, chat, use audio, voice,  mic and audio and collaborate?
  • Looking for method to intercombine your Polycom devices or Tanberg units into video conferencing whiteboard?
  • Looking to overcome interoperability issues between multiple video conferencing chat clients and be able to connect to centralized whiteboard?
  • Looking for method to store or share screens during the whiteboard video conferencing session for later review of your notes?
  • Looking for method to have multiple parties to communicate with each other and tie that all into LDAP or other custom based address book?
  • Looking for method to intercombine whiteboard, video, audio, desktop sharing, chat room text, voice/screen recording and gain access to video tutorials?
  • Looking for method for other users to easily join whiteboard session to join class room, and have all students gain access to recorded sessions?
  • Looking for method to intercombine practice tests, with whiteboard created tutorials to be easily searchable and accessible?
  • Looking for video conferencing and collaboration integration solution for educational purposes or for one on one tutoring?
  • Looking for method to dial into audio meetings while logged into whiteboard or invite others?
  • Looking for method to share real time data such as power point or word file or other files between presenter and attendees?
  • Want to communicate with other team members easily with as little technical limitation?
  • Trying to integrate recording from the whiteboard between team members as well as chat conversations into storable format for later access?
  • Trying to meet with people online in a way that is easy across variety of devices ranging from IPAD, Surface Pro, Android, Windows?
  • Want the solution that can be integrated with automatic backup?
  • Want the solution that can be integrated with custom search engine for your small organization, that allows you to search for team members easily?
  • Tired of searching around for all the service as is companies out there offering different things and simply can't quiet get what you want?
  • Trying to figure out how to use peer to peer sharing and centralized hosted solutions to accomodate your video conferencing needs, but lost in 2 many puzzles?
  • If you answered Yes to any of these questions then feel free to continue reading!


What does our DBA Binary Fusion company exactly do for customers like you?


We can Network Anything!  Regardless if it's WEB, Voice, Video, or Data.

We help multiple many small and medium size businesses even enterprise level businesses with integration of whiteboard solutions.  We can craft up custom whiteboard environment based on customer's needs.  We have technical integration and IT Network Consulting experts that can make it easy for your company to meet users face to face, and integrate multiple usefull features based on customer's work flow plan! 

        So what does that exactly mean?  Our answer is simple. We talk to you we discuss your whiteboard integratio case and we help you get better solution cooked up by pulling all of the peaces together, leaving you with less headaches!  Then we help you cook up the solution that you are looking for simple as that!

Why we are more then just IT Network Consulting Company?

Reason is simple: Because we are also business owners just like you!  However we decided to share our IT solutions with other customers through DBA Binary Fusion Company specializing in providing IT technical solutions, helping small businesses and medium business fill in the gap between what business owner needs and design solutions around technical challanges, making it easyer for busineses to succed!   We can help inter connect and link multiple concepts together, helping business owners improve their business!  We specialize in open source solutions and non open source solutions, helping companies get integrated, helping companies come up with robust video conferencing collaboration platform.

What Use Cases for whiteboard integration have we tackled so far?

We tackled variety of customer industries, ranging from, Background Check Investigators, Educational industry for Test Prep and online tutoring sector.  We have cooked up custom math whiteboard solution integrated with test prep modules, optical character recognition of math symbols, math symbols WYSIWYG Math editors, customly created search engines all interconnected together, to help businesses accomplish their goals.



We have created  online math tutoring whiteboard solution to help students learn math using 1 on 1 whiteboard settings or online.  Making it easy for company to teach students mathematics online!

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         We also created method for Test Prep Educators to create workshops online where multiple students can join these workshops over whiteborad, and test prep educators get paid teaching students online by delivering these workshops.  Test Prep educator has access to Whiteboard and can deliver live workshops over whiteboard.  First workshop that they deliver is free, then the rest of the workshops done over Video Whiteboard in Paid Fashion. We have also managed to create custom marketing search engine just for Test Prep industry to make it easier to advertise courses.   Take a look at Case Study of how Biology Workshops are being leveraged by test prep experts to deliver online classes, helping educators make money. 

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Another Example of Use Case where Whiteboard is being used


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In this use case Online Tutoring, and Test Prep is inter networked together, to provide flexibility for test prep content developers to earn money using whiteboard.



          We also cooked up WhiteBoard solutions for Background Check Investigators helping them keep track of their background checks, and making it easy for investigators to pre-screen candidates.  Click on image below to see solution we are offering for Background Check Investigators to help them run background checks and keep track of who they search for, while leveraging intercombination of our custom integrated whiteboard solution to help investigators pre-screen candidates.


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We have cooked up whiteboard solution to help local tutoring company Tutoring Servcies, LLC pre-screen their local tutors prior to tutor showing up at student's home, making process of tutor match making much simpler, safer and increasing company's productivity based on specialized match making workflow!  Feel free to read the use case of how company is using this solution (by clickon on image below)

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Whiteboard Integration Solutions for Colleges and Universities

        Want other custom solutions for College or University?  Want to have your own network of sites?  Want to have technology integrated with your business flows.  If you answers yes and have technical limitations and want something that makes sense, and yet at affordable price.  Do let us know, we can provide way better pricing than any of the competitors. We can help you purchase whiteboard solution, we can make solution work on IPAD, Surface Pro or other platforms.  We can extend out the solution per your company's workflow, and have Web Developers, Content Optimizers, Network Engineers, Solutions and Integrator experts that can get the job done for college, university, small or medium size of business. or even enterprise level busines.  Take a look at our enterprise level services page to get the idea about other Network Consulting Services we offer.  For Educational industry customers feel free to click here to see what other solutiosn we offer.



How we can help companies create any type of Network, IT or Web Site based or any type.

 Want your own custom created Network of Sites Created?  Want to integrate voice video and chat? Want to have test prep engine helping your students learn easier?  Need custom tutorial engine?  We can make it all happen.  We also offer other video conferencing collaboration technology integration solutions for companies who would like to have hosted version of itnercombination of both video conferecing, social media employee integration tracking, voice and video chat, with storing data directly on your server infrastructure!  Contact us for more info!.  We can virtualize it all and intercombine it with automated backup with fraction of the cost of any enterprise level tools that exist on the market, and use very same tools and soutions that we used for other small and medium size companies to help you succeed.  Take a look how we help Westchester County NY Residents suceed in their other IT Technical Challanges


What Video Conferencing, Collabration Technologies exist today and how do they work?


     Today you will see people use, Skype, Jabber, Lync, Twitter, board room video conferencing solutions and all sorts of methods, fully disconnected from one another.   Companies exist out there that create custom ipad apps, and custom android apps, and tools for surface pro, and windows 10 OS.  Pens coming out on IPAD Pro, and Surface Pro and tools beginning to emerge, however as you have probably noticed they are all disconnected.  Disconnected from what you may ask?  Our answer: Disconnected from the reality.   Why is that the case?  The reason for that is because everyone wants to build their own solution, without really placing much emphasis on what solution will accomplish from the overal use case.   For example what is the point of having Polycom SIP based device if it can't communicate with another device over the web browser? There are different codecs out there and different signaling mechanisms making it  very tough for any small or medium business to accomodate their video conferencing and collaboration goals.    Currently enterprise companies use expensive unified communication infrustructure that is very expensive and frankly speaking overkill in 90% of the cases.  Companies use MCU equipment to channel multiple party calls and use expensive VC control and VCS express units to overcome NAT issues and lock down the bandwidth to certain size and to provide management of users through centralized address book.  All that is expensive, and not easy to implement, not to mention accomodate other type of needs such as needs that actually pertain to actual business goals.  

So what is under the hood of our solutions and what is the best solution and how can we create whiteboards or integrate them together?

To give you an idea what is under the hood of the typical whiteboard solution that exist in modern world today?

1.  There are underlying web development based type of programming languages such as Java, C++, XMPP, Flex, Flash, Html 5, CSS, (and 100s of others)

2.  There are underlying network communication mechanism ranging from TCP/IP reliable and UDP based communications

3.  There are routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF to route traffic through.

4.  There are data bandwidth management mechanisms to properly manage bandwidth

5.  There are MCU devices that bridge multiple streams of voice and video into one stream.

6.  There are SIP and Telepresence clients that handle client based communications from board rooms.

7.  There are Proxy base servers accomodating methods of fail back if connectivity between peers is broken.

8.  There are design methods and principals that are being leveraged specifically to accomodate specifiic use cases whiteboard interface.

9.  There are network designs consideration that specifically go into the decision of how whiteboard is created.

10. There are wireless design concepts and considerations as well if users who are using the solution requires wireless collaboration over laptops or tablets.

11. There are network core design considerations as well, in regards to what type of hardware is present and how to effecively route data properly in such a way that communications are as efficient as possible.

12.  There specific security principals around how to route data securely through private networks.

       Of course other alternative to all this is high level price cost integration of Cisco appliances, which is the industry standard but in major cases it's overkill, however if you do need integration help with Cisco based telepresence then we can help, check our Cisco Telepresence Integration Consulting Services section for more info.

Note what was just mentioned here is only tip of the iceberg and only mentioned about underlying technology just to make this solution possible, without any other additional business goal oriented features.  This is the reason why these solutions are expensive.  However, depending on your case our company can trim down number of features based on your solution requirement.

Use case explanation example of whiteboard video conferencing and real time collaboration for math tutoring

     For example in the world of math tutoring it's not really 100% important to have one on one tutoring lesson be done absolutely in crystal clear HD (in ideal world it would be nice but reality doesn't allow that just yet unless of course amount of money spent on solution is justifiable however in most cases it's simply overkill), it maybe important for some financial company to have clear crisp HD video and audio, but not in the case of 1 on 1 tutoring for example in math subject, what is more important for such use case is how effectively math tools can be leveraged how they interact with whiteboard how practice tests in math can be leveraged and interact side by side with whiteboard, how is whiteboard being taken advantage from the perspective of leveraging pen to provide highest collaborative learninge experience, how to record video output from tutoring lesson, how to use optical character recogntion for math symbols to convert it into math ml or latex language for example to allow for computation of math for example to more effectively provide examples around math problems and use capability of Windows 10, multiple screens option to provide intuitive experience while using whiteboard.   Hence when evaluating such use case such as math tutoring for example, it was not important to have high quality video, and most of the emphasis and importance for such case was based on integration functions of usefulness for the overal satisfication of the client.  However under different type of use case where video conferencing quality is more important and needs to be 100% clear and crisp then that's when costs start adding up.

So what does it take to build something like a nice easy way to meet each other with intuititve interface?

         The main ingrident to build something like this is to have idea of the use case and what you nee, if you have no idea what your use case  then contact us and we can help you brainstrom one.    Note brainstorming use cases typically would require some brief info about your company, who your targeted audience and what exactly will you be using video conferencing and collaboration solution for.   You may actually not know, what you will need for, after all there are a lot of functions that we offer intergration for, hence instead of us asking you what your use case is or asking you to provide specification, simply ask us to help you derive these specifications and we can do the rest. 

     Last thing you want to worry about is each function you need, because frankly speaking you won't know what you need until you see it.  This why hiring us is a good idea since we can gradually add on function by function of what you need to accomodate overall use case, without putting much pressure on you and helping you derive one to help your business succeed.  Currently North East Analysis is the company that is helpng DBA Binary Fusion succeed with this very same vision, and we can help you with your vision.  Pricing is derived based on use case, but we are happy to share our technology for multiple business owners. 

         If you need a search engine, to list your employees and manage their timesheets, we can build that for you as well, if you need method to intercombine whiteboard with other functions of your business we can get that done as well!  We are all about Networking, we can help you secure and design your network.  The days of simple networking are gone, and the days of true level networking are arriving, so why not get help from someone who provides you with the full solutions and not just bits and peaces.  Last thing you want to do is scrambling for bits and peaces and be stressed.  Let us help you have stress Free IT Video Conferencing and Collaboration solution that is built around your use case.


Challanges with Video Conferencing Hosted Integrated Solutions out there and how we can help bridge the Web Development and IT Networking Gap


Lack of Bandwidth


     Lack of Bandwidth as the number of calls required for video coferencing it's important to manage bandwidth properly, and if you have a lot of call participants, then bandwidth can be quiet expensive, knowing who is utilizing the bandwidth is another part of the equation that many integrators never think about and blindly propose solutions to customers without thinking twice about such issues.   Luckily because we are also IT Consulting company who specializes in robust IT Telecommunications and Collaboration services we happen to have method for company to manage their bandwidth to see how much data is being utilized by video conferencing system, who is utilizing the most and based on this information quickly undestand how to scale, how much bandwidth will most likely be needed for higher number of participants to accomodate meeting.  Plus some one can be sending a file within whiteboard and that can take bandwidth, having idea of how much bandwidth is used will matter, and if you end up contacting any other company, they will either talk about how great their developers are and not mention once anything about bandwidth limitation and how to manage it and what solutions exist out there to properly manage it, or how to even properly scale up. 


      In some cases it doesn't matter if it's a small number of participants, but when there are larger number of video conferencing call participants and more collaboration functions, then thinking about such issues is going to be necessary.  Luckily our company have robust hosted and SaaS netflow management solution in mind that can help in such cases it can allow users to properly identify how much data is flowing, and can be used in the form of Service As is Model to minimize CAPEX expenses while providing you with exact information about who utilizes the most data and how much data was utilized. 


Additionally there other challanges such as poorly designed Network Backbone


       In another words, if you have poorly designed network then do not expect video confrencing to work well especially in internal level setting.   Luckily we are IT Telecomunication company that can help customers resolve this problem and properly build network, to provide the most level of interoperability between other video conferencing devices and external and internal video conferencing clients.  Plus if you have multiple offices where you would like your employees in remote offices to communicate with other internal employees across MPLS or other backbone, we can also help you properly ensure that the backbone is either properly created for such video conferencing traffic with minimum impact on customers daily operations.   We can help remote offices get their data and video traffic centralized and can either create custom MPLS or DMVPN managed backbone for your remote offices (that is basically secret many ISP companies do not want you to know, because it saves money! huge amount in comparison to MPLS managed services!) that can accomodate business IT network needs to properly channel that traffic.   


Other companies that exist out there simply tailor video conferencing and collaboration solutions towards Enterprise companies rather then small or medium business or specific use cases


        Why don't you go look around and see what video conferencing whiteboard integrated solutions exist out there, and see how compatible they are, and see how much time it takes to join any of the meetings, and how expensive they are. What you will come to realize is that many of them simply do not fit your business need, either because they are way 2 expensive for your business use case or do not accomodate what you need for your use case.  Luckily we happen to be IT solution, Web Development and Integration services company who can help customers with integration of such solutions.  Forget the companies out there that only talk about how great they are in web development, how great they are in networking, this is not what you are here for, you are here for your specific use case, and hunting around for one company to do development another company to do network design and another one for netflow management and another one for who else knows what is not what you are here for.  You are here to get the solution that makes sense for your business, and doesn't cost arm and a leg.  If intersted about our IT solutions and integration services then feel free to contact us or request a quote to help you with your use case.  

           You are not here to get sold technology for video conferencing, you are here to get simplicity, appropriate level of simplicity for your solution, and want other features developed or added on top of what you are looking for.  For example if you are math educational company you maybe looking to integrate math equation editor to work with your whiteboard, or test prep module within your whiteboard or whatever else you need.  The point we are trying to make here is simple, we tailor our solutions not only for enterprise level businesses but for small and medium size businesses based on specific use case.  Contact us, let us know your use case and see how we can help you, additionally we can show you demo of our use cases that we have already implemented to solidify your understanding of what you would be getting by hiring us.


Whiteboard Advertisement Services


Looking for someone to help you create Whiteboard Promotional Marketing Video?

       Have a small or medium, or enterprise business, but failing to deliver benefits of your business to your audience or perhaps failing to educate users about your company and need powerfull whiteboard marketing promotional video to help you get customers?  We have partnered with whiteboard advetising company who can help small and medium business create robust whiteboard promotion videos or instructional video that can increase targeted audience attention span and increase chances of customers contacting you.  If you are looking for promotional video created with multiple elements of voice, video, and good looking graphics, we can help your company with that as well!  Our company specializes not just in providing IT solutions and services, but  also in educational sector, making it easy for us to undersand what company's vision is and neatly lay that vision out in a neatly whiteboard created animated video.  Contact us to request a quote, or view demo.


What areas do we service?

We service, NY, CT, Pensylvania, NJ, Florida as our core areas where we can have Network Support and design solutions delivered into, however we are not binded by location and can offer solidified Video Conferencing and Collabration solutions for any country, USA , UK, France, Sweden, Canada, Australia or any other english speaking country.


Pricing for Whiteboard Integration Services


Step 1.  Fixed Cost


Our pricing is quote based as per your specific whiteboard use case, consisting of network analysis, network design, use case analysis, documentation and integration, and project management. 

Step 2.  Block hours Use it or Lose it

After Fixed Cost whiteboard solution is implemented, if there is any additional consulting needed it will follow Block Hourly Based priciing use it or lose it model or ad hoc pricing model

          After solution is integrated customer has option to purchase consulting hours by using hourly block based pricing model, where customercan buy block of hours and we can help customers within the set limit of these hours.  We use similar concept for block hours pricing of how we do this for our Tutoring Services Business where we sell tutoring discount packages to students, and students select best tutor, compare tutor side by side review what tutor is all about and then simply request tutoring discount package, similarly we sell IT Consulting discount packages to companies where the more hours they buy the more they save, for example take a look at IT Consulting profile of one of the whiteboard integration consultants and experts, view tutoring discount packages and request your package for block of hours needed for Whiteboard Network Consulting for example. 

     We think that pricing model that other IT companies is just plain useless and not flexible at all.  Other companies provide you quote and does not provide flexible method of pricing after solution is deployed, making concept of price flexibility completely useless. 

        We value our customers, and our IT Network consultants provide solidified consulting discount packages, where you can buy set of network consulting hours upfront and get discount where the more you buy the more money you save, but wait that is not all if you do not like the price you see, you can always use Suggest Your Price feature and propose your price to multiple consultants, then see if one of our IT consultants agrees or disagrees to your suggested price, additionally you can meet our IT Whiteboard Consultants face to face to discuss your solution need through our whiteboard using somewhat similar process as described in pre-screening between tutors and students use case, very similar to it, except during this meeting we can show you capabilities of whiteboard, demo it out, discuss with you what is needed over video conferencing whiteboard where you can share your documents and describe to use your use case and then after that is complete and done we can save our conversations and keep it for our records to review it at later point as reference material when it comes to cooking up solution for your whiteboard video conferencing collaboratin use case, of whatever that use case maybe.


So how does Block hours Pricing works?

There are 2 types of flexible pricing options when purchasing block of hours

  1. Network Support Total Care
  2. Network Support Ad Hoc


Network Support Total Care Pricing


To request a package contact us first to request a quote and a demo, then after we provide you with the demo and discuss your use case and provide you with the fixed cost pricing of the solution at that point you can request a discount package.

        Under this pricing you simply would pay for block of hours needed, use all of the hours up during 1 month period and get total network care support for your video conferencing solution, where we fine tune the system within these hours, resolve any bugs, or issues, and if all hours are used up during 1 month period then you simply can buy another package.  This is more affordable then ad hoc network support pricing option and recommended option after fixed cost deployment.  Under this pricing we would help you manage this solution keep up with documentation and updates of the solution and accomodate any broken issues and troubleshoot these issues providing you with total care network support, any new feature outside of the solution will follow different pricing structure.  Any hours you do not use up during these pre-purchase hours are not carried over to the next month, hence you either use it or lose it.


Network Support Ad Hoc Pricing

To request a package contact us first to request a quote and a demo, then after we provide you with the demo and discuss your use case and provide you with the fixed cost pricing of the solution at that point you can request a discount package.

This option is ideal for anyone who does not want total care support, and simply wants network support and not interested in following use it or lose it total care type of pricing model, and only wants consulting for specific set of hours where hours are not lost if they are not used.  However this is more expensive then total care network support, and with total care system is maintained more thoroughly, monitored, reviewed, documented etc.  Note pricing may vary depending on the time, if it's during holidays and after hours we charge time and a half.