Manhattan IT Consulting Services NYC

What type of consulting services does Binary Fusion provide to metropolitan area companies?

  1. Transitioning to the cloud from traditional networking
  2. Traditional IT networking engineering
  3. Wireless and Wired consulting services 
  4. Digital Marketing 
  5. Education
  6. Project Management
  7. Moving of your office assistance  (from network and security engineering standpoint)

Areas/Locations we service

Manhattan NY, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx call us today to have IT consultant come down to your location and help you come up with the solution that can help your office get connected wirelessly or in a wired way to the Internet to the cloud. We specialize in information technology solutions for small and medium-size companies in CT NY and NJ.  


Here is how we clarify our services below


Need to connect to AWS cloud? or looking for wireless/wired solutions in Manhattan NY?

See how Binary Fusion can help small/medium businesses in Manhattan NY get connected wirelessly/wired or to AWS cloud

Have a traditional network that you are trying to make sense of and simply can't because it's too complex and has way too many dependencies for you to understand?  In process of moving to Manhattan NY or away from Manhattan New York to another borough or metropolitan area? 

Trying to stay connected to the disaster recovery site or perhaps trying to get connected to the cloud, but having challenges in being able to do so securely? 

Have a wireless network and perhaps you are not sure what you need to do to make sure that you have adequate signal... or perhaps you are not sure how to get your wireless network similarly behave as a wired network?  Our company Binay Fusion can help you with your challenge by delivering brainstorming solutions directly to your door. 

Binary Fusion can help companies with existing wired/wireless cloud transitioning IT projects

Many companies in the metropolitan area simply do not have the expertise of everything that exists in the information technology field today.  Some companies have internal staff and others simply do not. 

Perhaps you are a manufacturing facility or a shipping center or commercial building with the requirement of having your wireless network connected to the cloud and to the internet and simply need a consultant that can help you map out dependencies and come up with the streamline solution for your in-house or on the road type of mobile devices or perhaps you are C level exec trying to scramble multiple types of solutions together and not sure how to approach each of the challenges... 

If that sounds like you then don't hesitate to give us a call to point you in the right path.  See how we help industrial manufacturing companies in Manhattan NY, get a competitive advantage in their very own field by helping them find dedicated interns (college students) to do the hard work and gain experience, while at the same time wanting to do the hard work and wanting to gain experience.

Looking for another type of it consulting service?

Looking for a Cisco IT Consultant in Manhattan New York? Look no further our IT Network Consulting company provides Manhattan IT Consulting Services in NYC, New York and tri-state area including but not limited to CT, New Jersey and major boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, New Rochelle, White Plains, Tarrytown, Newark NJ, Westchester County CT, Fairfield County CT, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, and other major cities. We provide IT consulting services for start-up, small, medium and enterprise size businesses, covering health-care, law firm, financial, education and IT industries. Our Manhattan IT Consulting Services include Cisco Unified Communication solutions integration for Voice, Video, and Data as well as Nexus Core Design in Manhattan NY.

“Binary Fusion Manhattan IT Consulting Team helped our company replace our old Cisco Switches and upgrade them with Nexus switches, with minimum downtime!”

Are you an IT Manager or Director, who are given a task by your CIO to upgrade your existing Cisco Network, and simply not sure how to go about it? Why not let us help? Our IT Network Consultants in Manhattan NY specialize in different types of IT consulting services for your Network, such as Network Design, Network Refresh, Network Relocation, Network Security, as well as specializing in Cisco Unified Communications Voice, Video and Data. We can help you upgrade your core network to scalable Cisco Nexus Switches, our Nexus Core Design services in Manhattan NY focus on helping small, medium or enterprise size businesses upgrade their existing 6500 cisco core switches to nexus core switches, to go over which hardware will be needed, what licensing is needed and to propose the solution which will be scalable for your organization.

Our Manhattan IT Consulting Services are the best compared to any other consulting companies in the area, simply because we can beat any competitor price in services and have direct pricing from Cisco for hardware/software. We are Cisco Partners and are Cisco Certified shop. However due to the fact that the Networking Market is saturated with vendors other than Cisco it’s difficult to specialize in all technologies, but regardless of that fact our Manhattan IT Consultants can still work with other vendor solutions and make them interoperable with Cisco network solutions.

For example, IT Managers and Directors may be in process of compiling a Web Security Policy which states that all web traffic needs to be logged and archived on http level. In such scenario solutions offered by Bluecoat, or Checkpoint is a fair game to look into and possibly implement and make it work within your existing Cisco Network, we realize the need and we happen to work with Bluecoat, CheckPoint, Juniper, and other vendors and can make Cisco Network operate with the other vendors.

Binary Fusion specializes not only in Cisco Nexus Core Design, Network Refresh, IT Network Relocation or IT office Renovation, but we also happen to be experts in Cisco Unified Communications including Voice, Video and Data. We can not only design your network but we can make sure that it operates efficiently and provides productivity for companies employees.

Our Cisco Unified Communications Consultants in Manhattan NY, can help IT Directors roll out IP Level Voice and Video Collaboration technology which will allow executives and employees communicate directly with each other using Voice and Video over IP from within the office, externally from home or on the go. How can we do this?

Our IT Cisco Voice and Video Manhattan Network Consultants focus on different levels of technology, for example we may have Voice Network Consultant and Video Network Consultant who would be working together with the project manager, and Telepresence Network Architect and Data network Consultant to deliver Collaboration solution that can traverse your existing IP Network and does need expensive PRI or older level phone network technologies.

To deliver Cisco Unified Communication Voice and Video technology across IP Network is one thing, but to extend across other networks in remote offices and to make it work across Wireless infrastructure is another. Our Manhattan IT Consulting Services in NYC include not only Network Design of your existing network but also Wireless Network Design services in Manhattan NY.

Where we can not only design your Wireless infrastructure to adhere to your Corporate Policies to work similarly as your existing Wired Infrastructure, but can also make it work with Unified Communications Voice and Video Solutions to allow your employees working wirelessly take advantage of Cisco Unified Voice and Video Communications and allow employees for example use Voice or Video Over IP over Wireless soft client which will allow users to communicate with one another through the same methodology that wired IP Phones and Video EndPoints operate as.

Additionally, our IT Manhattan Consultants can make sure that your Wireless Infrastructure is in your full control from the perspective of not only internal company’s users but from the perspective of an outside of the company employees and guest users.

We can roll out a Network Wireless and Network Wired Guest solution that can allow you to still monitor your guests and present them with the compliance web-page explaining user’s rights. We can do this by either leveraging Cisco Networking Guest Server solution, which can consist of NAC appliance, ACS, Wireless Lan Controllers, Cisco Switches and Microsoft Domain Controllers fully integrated with each other to provide single sign on capability and allow IT managers to streamline guest user workflow and provide best Network Security your money can buy.

If you happen to be C-Level Executive reading this page, then you most likely want to ask yourself questions such as how can I improve my business continuity and disaster recovery practices? The answer is simple let us conduct a network survey which and let us help you secure, analyze and design your network infrastructure in the way that makes the most sense, with reduced risk and adherence to company’s IT Security Policies and Compliance Regulations.

As a C-Level executive, it is difficult to answer the question of whether or not you are on the right track to improving your Business Continuity and mitigating risk factors, without fully being aware about such risk factors. The best way to be aware of the risk factors is to know them, but to know such risk factors you must be intimately familiar with what type of connectivity exists within your company’s network, what applications are most critical, what devices are most critical to handle such applications, what happens when the gig line goes down between your central office and your Data Center backup?

There is simply way too many questions to answer. To streamline your business continuity practices in the right direction, you will need to organize yearly business continuity and disaster recovery tests and make sure that the issues identified within such tests get resolved. There is entire science field dedicated for just resolving and tracking issues such as Agile and Project Management SCRUM oriented framework used in conjunction with a ticketing system that is robust which can track deliverables and ensure that critical objectives for resolving risk are resolved.

So how do we help you?

The first thing we can do is analyze your existing network infrastructure by conducting site survey, which summarizes your entire existing network architecture.

Then we identify weak links in connectivity, then we provide recommendations how to address such weak links and provide Risk Score allowing us to measure business criticality, and provide recommendations of how to address such weak links, then we sit down with your IT Directors and IT Managers and identify critical applications and zoom into their connectivity needs and analyze them and provide a full report to you of what needs to be done.

Then you have an option of either letting us help you resolve such tasks or have your internal staff do it, or combination of both. At which point we would follow Agile practices of issues resolution and lay out all the issues in the form of a graphical task interface showing most critical issues and least critical, then our PMP certified Project Manager would work with our IT Network Consultants in Manhattan NY to ensure that the tasks are resolved.

So how do we plan on resolving risk associated issues? With our advanced expertise in Network Virtualization we can propose resolution solution options for your company which will not only reduce risk with devices going down, but will also minimize the rack space of your data center and allow to virtualize some components of your infrastructure providing capability to VMotioon your servers from one data center to another in the event of disaster, leveraging SRM technology for transferring servers from one location to another. Additionally, we resolve issues by making hardware redundant using protocols like HSRP, GLBP, VRRP, or any additional clustering protocols as well as follow scalable network design practices and at the same time ensuring that the changes only happen based on strict change control scheduled regulatory basis.

So what happens after all of the critical tasks are resolved? At this point, we follow up with IT Managers and IT Directors to schedule another business continuity test. This will be how your business continuity practices get tested and this is how you will know whether you are on the right track or not in maintaining best practice business continuity and disaster recovery.

So why can’t companies do this themselves?

The truth is to do this type of work your self, you not only need to know business aspect of what application critical and which ones are not, but you will need to know underlying protocols providing, resiliency and redundancy for your existing infrastructure, how they operate.

As you all know there is many protocols out there to know and way too many vendors, platforms, and technologies to understand, regardless of what type of workforce you may have in your company, which is why getting IT Manhattan Consultants is the only practical solution here for companies located in Manhattan NY. Simply because we are local, we are business owners as well not just techies and best of all we have the best prices. So what are you waiting for contact us from the number at the top right corner to request a quote? Don’t wait longer.


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