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Let us answer any IT networking question which you have in mind!  Our Network Consulting Company servicing Long Island NY is the team of Cisco certified IT network solution professional servicing tri-state area, including area of lower and upper Long Island NY, Fairfield Connecticut and Westchester counties as well as New Jersey.   Our  expertise are in IT network solutions, network security solutions and technical business continuity solutions and disaster recovery planning, we can help companies located in Long Island NY or nearby  locations as Bronx NY, Queens, and Brooklyn NY build a superior network, provide IT renovation services for the offices and accommodate company’s needs to supplement their existing IT Team. 

If you are looking for any other network consulting firm in Long Island NY you will not find one with the level of network solution implementation and deployment experience as much as our IT network solution services consultants can provide.  For the following set of reasons: We are Local IT Professionals in Long Island NY, we can beat any competitor in Cisco Pricing, we have over 30 years of combined Experience in IT networking, we are business owners just like you and not simply Techies, we are Cisco Certified.  We work with different types of companies, from different sectors, healthcare, finance, sport and others.  Additionally we can work with multiple vendors, not just Cisco and can troubleshot your existing infrastructure, which means we are one stop shop which means we provide IT Managed Services in Long Island NY!  Meaning we are not just IT networking consultants but we are the Managed Service Providers who can work with your existing IT team and coordinate resources and deploy/implement network solutions which will highly benefit your company’s IT needs.

We don’t just provide IT Network Consultants NY ask you what you need then quote you on it, implement solution and walk away when our part is done, no.  Instead, we create long term partnerships with companies who needs us most, and willing to address their IT Network Needs.   We can provide IT solutions based on companies budget and affordability bracket, allowing companies multiple options to decide when it comes to providing them with quote.   When we work with you, we present you with multiple set of networking solution options; from in house it is networking solutions in Long Island NY to cloud computing options for voice communications and email.  We realize that companies may be better off to simply outsource their IT management services to us which is why we work directly with IT directors and IT managers to come up with the best IT network solution option for companies’ environment, from wired Long Island networks, to Wireless Long Island Networks. 

Does your company have wireless issues?  Or perhaps your company is having Internet connectivity issues?  Why not use us to help you with your troubles and analyze your companies environment see what the issues and provide recommendations for best solutions then deploy them for you?  We can do that too, whether you need DMVPN Solution to have your entire backbone under your control with granularity to fail-over dynamically between multiple ISPs for between offices connectivity or coordination of circuit Delivery to your premises from ISP service providers such as AT&T, FIOS, Light path, Cogent, Quest, Verizon we can help and not just help but make sure that whatever circuit that you are getting delivered gets delivered on time. 

When we work with you we make sure that we follow proper change control procedures and if you don’t have change control procedures we help you build them.  We help you create information security policy which is revolved around your company’s environment and provide network security best practice recommendations to your CIO, CEO and IT directors.  Additionally we can recommend ticketing system for your environment and implement it for you revolved around your practices integrated within web documentation portal for ease and transparency purposes, allowing your IT department to document everything they do efficiently in a way that CEO knows who is doing what and how much time it took to complete a single task.  

you should do based on our IT business risk assessment analysis, where we analyze your existing IT infrastructure weak links and make sure that these weak links are covered, 



with permanent solutions leveraging automatic active/passive failovers in examples of VPN devices for example or with temporary work around dynamically programmed  into monitoring systems to automatically notify IT Directors what the issue maybe when the outage happens with recommendations of what needs to be done. Other recommendations can be anything from increasing redundancy on the core switches or upgrading your existing core switches based on the bandwidth analysis capacity taking into considerations of what is currently going on within the company’s environment and what will be happening 3 years from now. 

                Our IT Network Virtualization services also come in handy for companies in Long Island NY who need to save money on their infrastructure environment costs.  We can provide solid network designs revolved around customer needs with network virtualization in place which will help not only to reduce costs but decrease troubleshooting efforts when it comes to serious outage issues.  We help companies segregate their IT critical applications into virtualized clustered environments, using multi-vendor based virtualization approach.    Our virtualized solutions can be anything from reduction of physical hardware into virtualized routers and firewalls working together in conjunction with virtual layer 3 interfaces on the network switches allowing blanket of granularity and possibility for companies to scale.  

                Does your company need Business Continuity and disaster recovery testing or confirmation that whatever existing disaster recovery procedures you have in place for critical IT systems are in fact working?   If you answered yes, then we are the company that can help.  We can analyze your existing companies Disaster Recovery site and Prod site then help your company come up with the BCP plan, either leveraging additional data centers for remote access capabilities or using dedicated nearby offices where your employees can go to in the event of disaster and work from there.  We can ensure that the VOIP communication and other critical connectivity requirement are transparent when it comes from operating from within your disaster recovery site.   All you have to do is contact Network Consulting NYC to get a quote for the man hours to make this happen. 

In regards to our IT Services, we provide the range of IT network services in Long Island NY can be anything from integration of complex MPLS backbone interconnectivity between offices into central offices, integration of DMVPN tunnels running over EIGRP, OSPF.  Remote access connectivity services for users with IPAD and other types of Mobil devices.

Our premium network solution services in Long Island New York can help companies take control of their IT, we don’t just say what type of Information Technology services we offer, we show you what we offer.  Take a look at the Services Map by clicking the home button on top and discover for yourself what we offer.  Contact the phone number above in the top right corner to speak with the network consultant directly, we can meet directly in Long Island NY and discuss your IT needs.

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