IT Networking Services and IT Training

Binary Fusion offers IT Networking Services for major metropolitan areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and offers our IT Networking Services for many major states including, CT, NY, NJ, Arizona, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and many other US, Canada remote areas. Regardless if you are a manufacturing, financial, real estate, law or professional accounting firm, we can help you with IT Integration.

Our IT Networking services are tailored towards small, medium, enterprise size companies, and offer unprecedented single IT Network Solution provider IT Managed services for companies without having to go through the hassle of contacting multiple IT Providers.

Binary Fusion is a Single Solution Provider for All of Your IT Network Related Needs

We have ties with multiple IT Network Service providers in different areas and work side by side with such providers to ensure that customer’s project gets done on time. With our highly qualified engineers and certified IT Project Managers utilizing BEST ITIL practices we can get the job done without customer having to coordinate multiple IT providers and end up getting lost and non productive.

Binary Fusion offers IT Networking using best ITIL practices

Since we utilize best ITIL practices and have certified people in doing so, we can help organizations completely restructure their entire IT service management business, based on best IT Practices, following change control processes and procedures and ensuring that company’s IT Network doesn’t end up getting engineered in such a way that it hinders flexibility or usability of overall user population.

How are we different from other IT Consulting Companies?

We do not just tell you what we do we show you what we do! Review our homepage diagram that literally shows IT Network and everything that we offer in IT Network industry. All of the IT Network services that IT Administrators, Network Managers and IT Directors are in need, we in fact offer. Regardless if you have some what of a challenging task involving, multiple vendors integration or if you simply have network refresh project where you would like us to help you migrate to the new network infrastructure, we can help.

We do not only focus on IT Networking, but in fact we can also handle project management, web development and SEO. Other companies may claim they offer it, but the question here is did they do these services for someone else or for themselves? The shocking answer that you will discover in majority of cases… is that such companies never created anything for themselves. We in fact developed our own sites not for anybody, but for ourselves. Review our Educational sector for example where we created multiple custom search engine portals.

Other companies may have done website development for other companies, and offer such services to others, but how can someone offer web development services to others without creating successful sites for themselves? Well we did… and our success is proven and show by the number of users on that site using it. Which is what makes us different from other IT Solution providers.

We do no just offer IT networking help, but offer overall IT Solution help, regardless if you are trying to integrate your existing Cisco environment with some level of scripting that needs to tap into some external database to accomplish single sign on for yourself or your customers, and simply not sure how to put all of such pieces together, and need a company that can do both IT Networking, Database and Web Development, then we are the ones to contact. Don’t hesitate and contact us by requesting a quote or calling through the number above on the top right corner.

Additionally Binary Fusion offers unprecedented method of IT Training for students who can not afford to pay for schooling, but want to set themselves on fast track to making money in IT Engineering and Project Management Industry. With the combination of Tutoring Services, LLC our mothership company and services that are offered through our sister company Binary Fusion we were able to create opportunity for college students who may have finished some level of education such as Associate or Bachelors Degree, or even Master’s degree but weren’t able to enter the lucrative field of IT Network Engineering, due to financial constraints or simply due to chicken and the egg conundrum situation where, without experience students can’t get job and without job students can’t get experience. Regardless of what the situation is, we can help such students, by training them properly, by helping them get certified, by helping them get a job, if we don’t get the job for students we don’t get paid.

Having such students trained ourselves and also operating IT consulting industry doesn’t just make us more affordable for the IT Solution interested clients, but also helps students land jobs. Details of how our IT Training works are described below. Note IT Training for students interested in IT Networking is not the only training that we provide, additionally we offer corporate training in Agile, PMP, ITIL, and IT Networking and Security, please refer to our IT Training diagram.

IT Training for Engineering Students

Binary Fusion roots originated from our mothership educational company called Tutoring Services, LLC and expanded in educational sector and engineering sector to offer IT training service that is described below.

We realize that lots of students out there have trouble getting into the field of IT Networking. Which is why Binary Fusion offers IT Training for network engineering or project management students wishing to excel in their level of expertises from practical hands on and theoretical level perspective. Binary Fusion does not only offer students training, but places them on the actual IT Networking jobs. To qualify students must undergo rigorous IT Training, be prepared by our Instructors in sectors of IT Networking, IT Network Security and Project Management and must pass certification tests in their areas of expertise.

Full Program includes Complete Training to prepare students for

IT Entry Level Job Professional

Program prepares students towards becoming any of the following.

IT Automation Engineer
IT Software Assurance Tester
IT Help Desk Support Engineer
IT Desktop Support Engineer
IT Network Engineer
IT Network Consultant
IT Project Manager

Approximate pay for any of high level IT positions after 2 years of experience is between 60 and 80k per year.
Approximate pay for any of high level IT positions after 4 years of experience is between 80k to 110k per year.
Approximate pay for any of high level IT positions after 6 years of experience is between 110k to 140k per year.

This program is a fast forward version of what you would go in college with more details oriented towards actual work force and what employers need. It will help students develop analytical skills and practical skills to get students the job they want in IT industry and will help students become successful in life.

This is a multi tier program where it

Prepares student academically and technically and with hands-on, prepares students for IT certificate tests, and prepares students for job interview, the Binary Fusion hires student directly as a contractor for Binary Fusion and sub-contract student out to other companies working on short term or long term projects, thereby allowing students to build successful resume with more relevant experience, having students earn money and helping students transition into successful IT career.

At the end of the program students will receive Certificate of Information Technology 6 or 3 month Coursework Completion, prepared by Tutoring Services, LLC and employed by DBA: Binary Fusion company where student would work as independent contractor for Binary Fusion. Additionally dependent on the level of expertise students reach during training, students will be entitled to opportunities received from Binary Fusion direct clients and qualify for a non-paid internship which can look really good on student’s resume, and increase chances of students landing their IT Engineering/Network Security or even Project Management Dream job.

But Wait that is not all additionally your profile will be marketed out on our propitiatory search engine created by Tutoring Services, LLC in the subject area of your expertise allowing students to make additional income on our network of Tutoring Sites where by advertising student’s levels of expertise as a tutor students can earn additional money to train other students. This additional opportunity is marketing advertisement wise limited to mostly CT and NY areas. However our central search engine does allow any student to register anywhere in major english speaking countries.

By getting marketed on our network of sites in Westchester and Fairfield county for example binary fusion students, will be shown to other potential students who may hire binary fusion students to work for them, 25% fee will be charged from binary fusion’s students at hourly rate. For example if binary fusion student goes through this program and get really good in computer networking, then they can tutor other students computer networking and get paid! Extra income never hurts, also we must mention that this is on top of what you would be getting through IT Entry Level Job Professional Course preparation program.

Additionally Binary Fusion will find you a job in IT Entry Level where you would work directly for Binary Fusion as a sub-contractor.Where we will find students jobs in the form of short term contracts 3 months to 6 months or even 1 month, for different clients, prepare student for the interview and get students in the door.

The IT Training program includes Academic & Tech Prep, Certification Test Prep, Job Employment Prep

Academic & Tech Prep

Program will be both theoretical, hands on in the form of lab with homework assignments and practice tests.

Fees Student will encounter

Books, Study Guides, Rental Equipment labs for studying, Videos
Certification Test Exam fees

Training Instructor fee is $150.00 /hr (nullified if students agree to 2 year contract)
2.5 year contract must be signed by student up front prior to training where 25% of your earning goes to Binary Fusion, once student get employed, then the remaining 2 years student would work under the 75%/25% contract

Total training will take 3 to 6 months dependent on your speed in completing homework assignments. Currently training will be conducted in Stamford CT, but can also be done online with students who have flexible schedule. Skype connection required and fast Internet.

  • Creating Writing
  • Paraphrasing
  • Professional Writing
  • Basic Math
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
Computer Science
  • Computer Programming 101
  • Software Automation 101
  • Computer Networking 101
  • IT Network Security 101
  • Server Support 101
  • Desktop Support 101
  • Desktop Publishing 101
  • Advanced Proto-Typing
Certification Test Prep
  • CCNA Prep
  • CCNP
  • CCIE
  • PMP
  • Prince2
  • Agile
  • ITIL
Job Employment Prep
  • Interview Test prep
  • Resume Building
  • Marketing