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Looking for Enterasys IT Network Consultants? We specialize in Enterasys IT Networking and can provide alternative to Cisco Networking Solutions, or as an addition to your existing Cisco Networking Environment for affordable price, yet still comparable to Cisco if not better. Our Enterasys Network consulting services in NY are uncomparable to any other consulting agency services, simply because we have experience in integrating Cisco Network Infrastructure with the Enterasys infrastructure. Our Enterasys Network Consultants provide services in the state of NY, CT and NJ including major cities and boroughs such as Manhattan NY, Long Island NY, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and major counties such as Westchester NY, Fairfield, New Haven counties, including cities like Hartford, Stamford, New Rochelle, Tarrytown, White Plains, Greenwich and many other locations throughout the tri-state area.

We provide IT Network Consulting Services for companies who are interested in obtaining Enterasys equipment for their premises. We can service start up companies, small businesses, medium businesses, and enterprise businesses in different types of industries, such as law firm, healthcare, dental offices, medical offices, financial organizations, education industries and non-profit organizations. We have the best prices for Enterasys and can provide solid IT Network Consulting Services for Enterasys infrastructure anywhere within the Tri-State area of CT, NY and NJ and meet you directly face to face to discuss your IT Network Solution needs.

Are you an IT Manager? Sitting with a corporate document on your table that asks you to roll out IT solution that is in compliance with your corporate IT Security Policies? Well why not let us help you build Enterasys solution in your company, which can accommodate such policies and yet still work with your existing Cisco infrastructure. For example many IT Directors and Managers would like to have centralize guest user solution for Wired and Wireless Solution that makes sense and uniform for both wired and wireless network, yet at the same time provides granularity and control when it comes to policing certain bandwidth of an individual user, and at the same time such user being identifiable through existing Active Directory user structure. If that is the case then there are solutions out there from Enterasys that can not only provide robust guest user policy alignment capabilities for companies but can also provide Net-Flow based identification of the user’s data capacity and be able to block it from the centralized console such user from eating up any further bandwidth, or locking down this user uniformly on both wired and wireless infrastructure.

Another example of Enterasys solution is ability not to only identify the user by their AD credentials and apply specific policies to such user from centralized management console similar to how it’s done in Checkpoint world with centralized checkpoint management server that manages all the firewalls, and similar to how Cisco used to use Cisco Works to roll out specific configuration rules on cisco switches, access points, except Cisco Works name was changed and now we are left in the dark on how to manage centrally Cisco equipment in a similar centralized robust control as Checkpoint or Enterasys does. So why is this important? Consider having 30 cisco 3560 access switches, 4 6500 distribution switches and 2 Nexus core switches or combination of other types of Cisco Switches. When it comes to the time when you need to execute specific commands across all switches you would need to log into each one and execute such command, well what happens when you need to roll out extensive QOS commands across all Cisco Switches? In that case you do what? Log into each switch? Multiply the time it takes to log into each switch and copy and paste your config into each device and see how long it would take. The result is increased management and of course non user friendly command oriented interface of Cisco Switches. Sure you can use other vendors to simplify your work such as Orion NCM to log into multiple devices execute the script etc, but we are talking here custom template scripts to log into each device, and everything different to log onto other devices such as Wireless Access Points, even IOS command line interface, on Nexus Core Switches it’s one on Access Points another, on Switches another, etc. That results in network management increase.

So how do we do this with Enterasys? With enterasys we can combine network infrastructure with Active Directory in a way that you can see every user that logs into your network through the netflow based switches, and then be able to restrict such users either at the egress level of the wireless access point or egress level of the access switch all from an intuitive user friendly centralized interface. This will help you not only have centralized control of your configuration parameters, but will also help you identify what users are actually doing on your network. Meaning you can search for user by AD name, or by IP or by MAC and then see what exactly is their bandwidth, and with combination of netflow protocol you can export such data in a historical format into Network Management tools like Orion SolarWinds or Scrutinizer, etc. So why on earth would that be important and how is that differ from Cisco world? In Cisco world we rely on what so called monitoring sessions when we want to monitor specific port or vlan of the infrastructure. Now that presents a challenge simply because Cisco IOS in many cases doesn’t allow then a certain number of predefined network monitoring sessions, which brings limitation into your Network Visibility and overall Network Security and integrity of your entire IT network Infrastructure. The first rule of thumb in every network is to know from where to where the data flows. If you can’t answer this question and you are an IT director or IT manager in a company that relies on you on ensuring smooth Network Operations, then you are not doing your job if you can’t answer such question. Let us IT Network Consultants in Enterasys Networks help you answer this question and help you IT Manager or Director reduce company’s risk by providing solution that is way more affordable than Cisco has better centralized management control to reduce manageability and provides better functionality.

So why Enterasys other than the fact that they provide session flow switches? Other reasons can be compatibility between Cisco and Enterasys. Did you know that by using Enterasys monitoring console for your devices you can still see your Cisco devices, Enterasys switches run Cisco Discovery Protocol agents that can talk to Cisco and are inter-operable with Cisco. You can not only view cisco network devices but you can also view their configuration config through enterasys similar to how you can do that in NCM SolarWinds.

Sure but I am still not convinced why should we go with Enterasys Solution? Did you know that you can actually save money implementing Enterasys Solution even if you are a Cisco Shop company? For example consider that you are in the process of upgrading your 6500 cores and decided to go with Nexus solution, then out of a sudden you realize that you need to connect your entire Access Cisco switches to your Core, in which case you may be thinking collapsing distribution layer into core and access seems like a viable choice and that way you don’t have to worry about any additional layers other than just access and core layer, but then comes the dilemma of inter-connecting the 3560 access layer switches or 2960 access layer switches into your Core, you may have an option of connecting them through Fiber or Copper, then upon investigating Cisco solutions you realize that the Gbic cost and SFP port count becomes outrageous in pricing.

What do you do in such situation? Well you can either use copper connections which are nowhere near as good as fiber, or you can introduce combination of Enterasys switches at distribution layer interconnect all of your access switches into Enterasys distribution layer switches, and that way will save on GBICs and still be able to comparatively recoup your price for what you would have paid for GBICs, except now you would have Enterasys switches at your distribution layer and can not only take control of your access layers but also not have to worry about buying that many GBICS any more. This way you will get fully blown flow based Enterasys switches at your distribution layer, see what users are doing where they are sending their data to, and be able to apply QOS policies for such as users prior to users entering distribution layer, or still be able to apply QOS policies on your Cisco switches and Enterasys switches will honor the QOS markings and will not modify them and be able to leverage centralized console from Enterasys to manage your entire Cisco and Network infrastructure. From interoperability perspective Enterasys switches get an A when it comes to Cisco.

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Enterasys switches are not only good for centralized control and visibility but they are also fully compatible with Cisco Unified Communications network architecture requirements. For example in your premises you may have Cisco Call Manager at your central site and another Call Manager at your disaster recovery site, publisher and subscriber and at the same time you have VCS control and MCU with TMS for Telepresence Unified Communications for Video Conferencing Technology. In such case you may be wondering how do I integrated Cisco Unified Communications with Enterasys and is there a risk here? The answer to this question is no there is no risk, in leveraging Enterasys solution with Cisco, simply because Enterasys solution still operates under the same protocols as defined in RFC that Cisco uses, except in some cases of proprietary protocols, which behave under the same conceptual methodologies.

For example in Cisco World you may want to connect 2 switches together and use what so called VSS, but configuring VSS is not that intuitive, in Enterasys world you don’t need to do much to configure ether-channel between Cisco device and Enterasys switch, all that is needed to do is to simply configure LACP protocol on the trunks of the Cisco switch and Enterasys would identify the ether-channel link automatically without any configuration needs. The protocol used is LACP and the protocol used is inter-operable between multiple vendors not just Enterasys and Cisco. So what does it all have to do with Cisco Unified Communications? The answer is, interoperability and protection on investment of your original Cisco Architecture, regardless if you introduce Enterasys in your distribution layer as Switches or not. Simply because rolling out successful Cisco Unified Communication for Voice and Video requires strict guidelines or end to end delivery of the packet, but providing that these guidelines are followed packet will be delivered.

Such guidelines can be QOS, Admission Control, etc. In all cases Enterasys solution will still be compatible and not only compatible but will help you simplify deployment of Cisco Unified Communication solution, simply because it will allow you to take control of your traffic. It will allow you to police your traffic, for example you may not want your company users to start using video conferencing and end up taking down your entire WAN Backbone pipe to your headquarter offices, you would want to be able to protect against such outages and network suffering. With Enterasys Network Solutions and centralized control you can. So what are you waiting for contact us to receive a quote for our Enterasys Network Consulting Services in NY , CT or NJ.

I am still not convinced, we also have Wireless as part of Unified Communication which is protected by our Cisco Investment into Wireless Technology. If you already have wireless infrastructure in house, then consider upgrading your wireless infrastructure into Light Weight centrally managed infrastructure provided by Enterasys. The reason behind this is because you can tie into central management console of Enterasys your wireless infrastructure and operate with rules and policies from the centralized console yet at the same time provide exceptional BYOD flexibility to your users. In Cisco World, for BYOD solution you would need a NAC, ACS, Wireless Lan Controller one in DMZ for Wireless users, one internal and Guest Server and 802.1x all fully running in your internal switches, combined with Web-Auth authentication flexibility for your wired users in the event user couldn’t authenticate through 802.1x. In Enterasys IT Network Solution you can similarly have all the features of BYOD, full compatibility with 802.1x plus more and able to accommodate types of business requirements that would work with your existing Corporate IT Policy, for Wireless Users, Internal users plus more, except it would all be centrally managed and make sense from visibility standpoint.

Now there is other appealing reasons as to why you should go with Enterasys, such as Price. Enterasys Solutions are way more affordable than Cisco and makes it easy for small, medium and enterprise companies to purchase, yet still providing you investment protection on your existing Cisco Infrastructure, but offers you benefits that Cisco simply doesn’t offer. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get a quote or discuss your requirements, even if you are located outside of Tri-State area we have Enterasys Reps that can meet directly with you and we can still roll out the solution for you regardless of the location.

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