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Cisco Unity Express solution integrated into your network environment offers industry-leading integrated messaging, voicemail, fax, Automated Attendant feature, interactive voice response (IVR) functionality, time-card management, and a rich set of other messaging features on the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) platform consisting of 2800 series routers, 2900 series routers and other models. It provides these integrated services specifically designed for the small and medium-sized office environment or enterprise branch office. With Cisco Unity Express, users you can easily and conveniently manage their voice messages and greetings right through the web browser using Web Inbox, traditional intuitive telephone prompts, an easy-to-use visual voicemail interface (the Cisco Unity Express VoiceView Express application), email access to messages, and a straightforward GUI that allows simple administration and management.

The Cisco Unity Express is a functionality is part of Cisco Unified Communication Solutions, and requires superior knowledge of voice, and data networking, Our Voice Network Consultants in Cisco Unified Communications can ensure that the Cisco Unity Express solution is inter-connected with your central offices using Cisco Unity connection allowing companies to ensure that their Voice Mail system is still operational even if WAN backbone to central offices is down. We can configure voice gateway to provide Cisco Unified Survivable Remote site Voicemail for your remote office and make sure it works properly.

“Cisco Unity Express Network Consultants helped us integrating voice mail functionality for our 25 user office allowing companies to view voice messages for affordable price”

We can help integrate Cisco Unity Express in your branch office with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express at the central site. Our VOICE network Consultants roll out the solution by configuring NME-CUE module within ISR router that allows such voicemail messages capabilities, but configuring module is not the only thing that gets done by our Cisco Unity Express Network Consultants, they additionally ensure that the router for your infrastructure is properly chosen with proper licensing and scalable to the right number of users. Our Data Network Consultants work closely with Voice Network Consultants ensuring that the solution works well within customer’s environment across the LAN and WAN and doesn’t hit any type of bottlenecks or limitation bumps within your WAN backbone during normal user operations.

Cisco 2900 Series

Cisco 3900 Series

Cisco 800 Series

ISR G2 Modules

The best of all Cisco Unity Express is not the only thing that our consultants specialize on; additionally we specialize in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express consulting allowing IP phones to have local call processing power. Our Voice Network Consultants can configure Cisco Unity Express Contact-center capabilities allowing companies to take advantages of basic call queuing to sophisticated contact centers for small to medium-sized companies, branch-office locations, or departments.

We provide the best of Breed IT Network Consulting Services for Cisco Unity, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express allowing companies to take control of their IT environment and helping them advance in unified communications industry staying ahead of their competitions and protecting their investment knowing that the solutions they are getting can work with entire set of Cisco Unified Communication Solutions, whether it’s voice, video, Telepresence, our Voice IT Network Consultants can do it all and best of all for affordable price so what are you waiting for? Contact us by the number on top right corner to get a quote.

Our Cisco unity express Network Consultants provide service in major metropolitan areas of NY, CT and NJ and can come directly on site and install Cisco unity express Telephony solution in customer’s premises. Other Cisco unity express network consulting companies out there do not truly understand customer’s requirements and only do half the work needed, such as placing the appliance in customer’s premises and not worrying about any tweaking that needs to be done such as QOS or ensuring that packet gets delivered form end to end and always blaming others. With our Cisco unity express network consultants in NY and CT as well as New Jersey and our vendors’ partnership and wide range of consulting resources we can provide the quality of service which every company deserves.

Additionally we provide Cisco Unified Contact Center Express consulting services for companies in NY, CT and NJ covering entire tri-state area. We help medium and enterprise branch office or companies design sophisticated customer interaction management system for up to four hundred agents. We can help companies deploy this IT solution which will help them ensure that business rules for inbound and outbound voice, email and web chat are in line with customer requirements. The special system needs to be installed for such cases which facilitates the management of agents through the use of super visor users (managers) allowing your company to effectively manage customer calls. Our Voice Network Consultants can help integrate Cisco Unified Contact Center Express with Cisco Unified Communication Manager locate at your central site in a cluster or non-cluster based environment. Additionally we can integrate entire collaboration environment and your company leveraging Cisco Telepresence, Cisco Jabber, Voice and Video Conferencing as part of Cisco Unified Communications Consulting Solutions.

We also do realize that many companies may have remote offices and unique requirements for their web traffic. If that is the case, no worries we can help with remote offices Cisco Unity Express centralization from the aspect of centralized Cisco unity express IP Telephony solution, meaning we can get users to use central Cisco unity express IP Telephony Solution in totally different location across MPLS or VPN backbone (which we can also help companies design as well click vpn design services for more info) thereby allowing companies to take control of their organization.

We Service the Following Areas:

Cisco Unity Express Consulting Services in New York
  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
  • Long Island
  • Staten Island
  • Port Chester
  • White Plains
  • Tarrytown
Cisco Unity Express Consulting Services in Connecticut
  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
Cisco Unity Express Consulting Services in New Jersey
  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
  • Newark
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