IT Checkpoint Firewall Security Services


Interested in rolling out checkpoint firewalls, but need assistance in doing so? In process of migrating from Cisco firewalls to Checkpoint firewalls, but not sure how to do this effectively? Why not let our Binary Fusion IT Network CheckPoint Firewall Consultants help with your Check Point firewall challenge.

We provide services in CheckPoint firewall security in NY, CT and NJ and specialize in CheckPoint Network Firewall Refresh, which include, but not limited to

  1. Upgrading CheckPoint firewalls to newer versions, integrating CheckPoint firewalls with other vendor firewalls such in cases of VPN tunnels
  2. CheckPoint firewall replacement

CheckPoint Firewall MIgration Rules

  1. Migration of rules from Cisco or Juniper firewall vendor to Checkpoint and from Checkpoint Juniper vendor to Cisco.
  2. Migration of Web Security rules from Bluecoat to Checkpoint and from Checkpoint to bluecoat.

Integration of CheckPoint Firewall Blades

    Integration of CheckPoint with major Software Blades included but not limited to

  • Firewall
  • Application & URL Filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • IPS
  • Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam & Mail
  • Mobile Access

Additionally we can standardize your remote offices to use central hub PROD and DR locations by leveraging VPNs either point to point mode or in star mode or full mesh. The beauty about our services is that we don’t just install Checkpoint firewall for you and walk away, in fact we integrate it in a way that works within your existing environment.

How are we different from other CheckPoint Network Consultants?

We don’t just do CheckPoint we work with other security vendors and know Cisco routing and switching concepts in and out to deliver you robust solution that is scalable to your environment, we can integrate with other devices using OSPF, EIGRP, BGP protocols.

We understand your company’s goals and business continuity goals and only leverage CheckPoint as the secondary means of providing additional level of business continuity requirements to address things like prod/dr backup needs, firewall security needs, remote access, site to site VPN etc.

We can provide best recommended practices for operating your CheckPoint firewalls whatever platform/operating system they maybe, SPLAT, GAIA R75.60, IPSO. With our unique skill set at Binary Fusion we can deliver IT Networking Security solution that makes most sense for your environment, our dedicated Checkpoint Firewall Consultant can install/implement/design solution that will work regardless of your industry or size, whether you are a start up, small, medium or enterprise size company we can help. We can provide a quote for you meet you directly in Manhattan NY, or Jersey City or anywhere in NY, NJ or CT run a demo discuss alternative methods of firewall deployment and make integration a reality. So what are you waiting for? Contact Binary Fusion Checkpoint Consulting Company in NY today by contacting from the phone number above on top right corner or get a quote.

As IT Manager you may be struggling with various issues if you try deploying CheckPoint firewall your self, ranging from:

  1. Not knowing why you can’t see logs in SmartView tracker.
  2. Not knowing why your firewall drops packets.
  3. Not knowing how to identify drops
  4. Facing firewall memory leaks and not knowing what to do or how to identify them
  5. Seeing weird network behavior such as screens getting frozen, mouse not moving, Citrix session getting dropped and not knowing what to do.
  6. Thinking that you are managing CheckPoint firewalls properly only to find out that in the event of disaster you locked yourself out from the environment.
  7. Incorrectly resetting firewall to factory defaults and resulting in not being able to connect remotely to it.

The list goes on, on and on. If you want to avoid this headache then contact Binary Fusion today.

We Service the Following Areas:

CheckPoint Firewall Security Consulting Services in NY
  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
  • Staten Island
  • Long Island
  • Port Chester
  • Tarrytown
CheckPoint Firewall Security Consulting Services in CT
  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Milford
  • Fairfield
  • Bridgeport
CheckPoint Firewall Security Consulting Services in NJ
  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
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