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Network and Server VirtualizationNetwork and Server Virtualization

Every company has servers, routers switches, load balancers and other critical network infrastructure consuming precious data center space and power. Our network virtualization consultants in NY and CT/NJ (metropolitan tri-state area) can help companies reduce the cost of power and associated support cost on hardware. Now days routers, firewalls and servers as well as network security devices can all be virtualized, in such a way that critical data resources are isolated for each particular set of virtual infrastructure. Our XenApp and XenDesktop IT consulting services help companies build their Citrix Farm and centralize their branch offices as well as ensure that the connectivity across Citrix Farms and Profile Logins is fine tuned based on the best Citrix consulting practices.

Network and Server VirtualizationNetwork Security

Our IT Security Network Consultants offer our network security services in NY, CT, NJ entire Tri-State Area. However if there are multiple data centers involved where let’s say one data center is in California and the other one is in NY for example we can also service these areas as well by leveraging our partners. Our Network Security services focus on Web Security, Instant Messaging Security, Network Access Control and Firewall Security and External Vulnerability and Assessment. We can ensure that your company is protected and risk is mitigated by providing you with the streamlined guest network access solutions, providing IT Managers with visibility into their network environment

Network DesignNetwork Design

Our network consultants in NY and Tri-State are including CT and NJ, specialize in network design tailored towards you IT infrastructure. Whether your organization is in the process of refreshing their network to accommodate business continuity requirements or whether you are constantly experiencing network related issues that you simply can’t explain and looking for a network consultant who can identify the bottlenecks within your network and provide necessary solutions our network consultants can help.

Business Continuity PlanningBusiness Continuity Planning

The way we help organizations Take Control Of their Organization is by ensuring that proper Business Continuity practices are in place within the organization by providing proper Business Continuity Training for the CEOs and CIOs of the company. We place heavy emphasis on Network Survey of the entire IT Network infrastructure identifying critical components providing solutions for such critical component, whether it’s Network Security aspect of Business Continuity solutions where all of your systems need to be redundant in the event of failure or any other solutions such as Data protection Solutions, External Vulnerability Assessment, Email Archiving & Continuity, information Security Policy Development and much more.

IT Office RelocationIT Office Relocation & Renovation

IT Office Network relocation services in Manhattan NY and Tri-State Area for startup small and mid-size companies “When it comes to moving from an old office to new one, we are the experts in not only helping you relocate your companies network resources, but help you to start off with the right network solution in your new office” Need help in getting your IT equipment fully functional in different office, or help you relocate/install your network access switches under desks or install additional equipment? Our IT Network Consultants in Project Management can create fully detailed renovation/relocation plan of entire IT Office Relocation and Renovation project and ensure coordination between General Contracts and other IT Resources is properly handled, achieving successful completion of the project.,

IT Office RelocationUnified Voice and Video Communications

Need help in getting migrated to video conferencing solution that can integrate with your existing VOICE over IP Phone System? Our unified voice and video communication services are tailored towards companies who are in need of organized voice/video conferencing solution for internal, external, and business 2 business communication. The services are geared towards companies who already may be using their existing Video Conferencing h.323/SIP end-points and looking for a solution that can be flexible enough to turn these endpoints in fully working video conferencing systems. As part of our Unified Voice and Video Communication services we can get integrate remote/internal employees using IPAD with the soft phone Cisco Jabber client, capable of providing video conferencing and desktop sharing, as well multi-way video conferencing functionality for users on the go, in local office or at home. Additionally we can integrate your existing CUCM with Telepresence end-points and soft clients capable of dialing users through active directory phone book and maintaining global phone book visibility.

IT Office RelocationUnified Wireless Solutions

We all know everybody hates wireless connectivity in comparison to wired connectivity, why not help you love wireless connectivity and provide you with the solution that will work within your environment, be flexible enough to allow visibility into what wireless devices are connecting to your environment, be central allowing IT Directors and Engineers to reduce amount of troubleshooting time needed and reduce maintenance expenses, while at the same time be scalable and aligned to your company’s IT Security Policies and BYOD standards. Our IT Unified Wireless Solutions are focused primarily around Cisco and Enterasys vendors, but for smaller offices we can integrate your network with other Wireless Solution vendors such as SonicWall or Juniper and other vendors. Additionally we can conduct Wireless Site Survey prior to rolling out Wireless Solution for your company, and recommend optimal WIFI Access Point placement.

IT Office RelocationCisco Nexus Core Services

Interested in getting your Cisco switches upgraded to the latest and the greatest Nexus Core switches? Are you prepared for the new OS or still used to IOS? If not then you will need us, IT Experts, Business IT Consultants, and Network Engineers all in one packaged to help you migrate your existing core switches onto the new network. Ensuring optimal network connectivity performance maximum amount of monitoring flow sessions and proper ether-channeling connectivity and OVT redundancy is what we do best. We can provide detailed step by step plan of how to upgrade your existing core network and divide it across multiple change control windows ensuring that the upgrade of the core switches is as transparent as possible for general user population.

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