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         It’s easy to end up with wireless network that doesn’t perform well, especially if your company is handling shipping of products in large warehouses.  Radio Frequency interference can be difficult to overcome especially in highly populated and dense areas, especially if there are steel racks all around the pathways.  


        Our company specializes in WIFI optimization, wireless design, and Wireless Site Surveying helping smaller, medium and large size businesses has the most optimal wireless network.  We use specialized software that can help us see the full picture of entire network from the perspective of signal strength, signal to noise ratio, co-channel interference and many other useful statistics that can help in optimizing wireless network. Contact us to help you cover your Paramus NJ wireless needs, and talk to IT consultant today.


Hands on IT Office Infrastructure relocation services



We realize that many companies in Paramus NJ can be new, or moving from one location to Paramus area and need to ensure that their infrastructure equipment is rack mounted and stacked, wired and cabled up.  It can be difficult to relocate to new area and ensure that circuits are properly delivered by ISP for your Metro-E connection or MPLS connection, however we also realize that small businesses in Paramus NJ or nearby areas of Hackensanck, Fort Lee, Edgwater, River Edge and other cities of Bergen County NJ, may simply need some on site network consultant, someone who can help out not just by connecting equipment together, but being able to provide IT consulting services based on the network infrastructure present at the customer’s site.  



Why ISPs are useless when it comes to troubleshooting complex issues


 Majority of the time when company deals with ISP provider, there is limited level of knowledge expertise.  For example it may be tough for ISP to know anything about customer’s central office Cisco Call Managers, since ISP is not the one providing the phone services.  Knowledge of being able to get the phones connected to call managers; with proper ip addresses assigned to phones in such a way that entire connectivity is as resilient as possible is the area that DBA Binary Fusion specializes in.


Why our Network Consulting Service is reliable


When we arrive on site we can conduct Site Survey to identify what equipment is present, while at the same time using analytical approach to sketch out the diagrams with combination of visual approach to see how equipment is connected to where. 

We also realize that some customers simply want phones installed and video conferencing endpoint units, or whiteboard installed in the conference room directly in the small office, and have centralized  network and security control over office, where for example Citrix traffic from small spoke office in Paramus NJ can be terminated at the company’s central office in West Coast California headquarters for example, where West Coast essentially headquarters of the company who is handling spoke office in Paramus NJ or nearby area of Bergen County, simply wants to have greater control over traffic needs.

hub spoke


We can help smaller offices in Paramus NJ get wired the right way and become centralized


Our company can help smaller offices be centralized, by designing solution to connect small site to central site either in east coast or west coast or other location, helping customers maintain redundant connectivity to their spoke sites.  We can achieve redundancy using variety of technologies that we have experience with.  For example we can interconnect central office to spoke office using MPLS as primary path while leveraging Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortigate, Sonicwall or other appliance for VPN connectivity as fail back.  This way connectivity is redundant and company located centrally can communicate with such spoke office without any issues.



Let us help you get connected the right way!

Our company in general specializes in variety types of networks not just IT, but other types such as educational and we know how to build network the right way and not only tech savvy but business savvy as well.  Many companies that we work with are either, companies with PROD and DR offices who need interconnectivity to their local site or simply other IT consulting companies who need additional knowledge level of expertise to get the job done, voice connectivity working for the phones, configure the phones, perform wifi site survey and provide recommendations for optimal wireless access point placement. 


 Sometimes we get requests from companies such as law firms, or professional LLCs who simply need to turn up remote office at budget friendly cost, while having great centralized level of controls from the headquarters.


Our IT consulting services in Bergen County are affordable!


Our company specializes also in helping Paramus NJ Bergen County businesses get budget friendly equipment for the price that is affordable.  Bigger enterprise companies typically rely on expensive vendors that are difficult to work with unless you are within the right budget, our company specializes not only on enterprise level vendors but also specializes with solutions for smaller size businesses, providing backup solutions, wiring, migration from older circuit speed to newer circuit speed, virtualization of infrastructure all the appropriate level of budget friendly pricing.


Is your WIFI Network in Paramus NJ Operating very slow?



Can your ISP tell you what is wrong?  If you answered no then your best bet is to contact DBA Binary Fusion to help you identify slowness within your network, identify what is configured and setup securely within your wireless or wired network.  Identify patterns that maybe resulting in slowness and provide adequate level of recommendations, and help your company resolve your existing issues.  


IT Managed Services for Paramus NJ Companies








We use best ITIL and change control practices to deliver solutions and can make sure that your solution is well documented and not just documented, but reinforced with advanced level of network monitoring and alerting.  Something that we can also setup for you, not based on what IT Director tells us what they need, but based on what we identify as risk factor, and based on what we think can be missing link at the point of failure and is in fact critical component that make sense to monitor, and not only monitor but monitored with advanced level of alerting notifying the user of what the issue, what steps to follow what to check, as oppose to like many other companies set up alerts to simply show what’s down without any explanation what any of it means.


Network Slowness Case Example 1:


One of our customers contacted us and told us that their remote office is acting very slow at random times of the day, killing voice connectivity and making video conferencing connection sluggish. 


Solution:  Our appointment began with basic site survey to understand what exactly is the traffic pattern using inter-combination of traceroute commands, nslookup commands, arp inspection, netflow analysis, slowness time of the day analysis.    We followed the following strategy of collecting and reviewing, analyzing then implementing solution and recommend.





        Upon looking into this issue further we have identified DNS round robin issue, where one domain controller gets accessed by the pc and another one also get accessed by the pcs, however domain controller 2 was out of sync and was trying to get NTP updates, but was not getting them, resulting in DNS resolution services not to work properly in one of the domain controllers.   


Analysis of the proposed customer solution


        Although that looked like an issue between ISP and customer network in reality it was DNS all along.  Examples like that happen all the time, however without fully understanding how network behaves and understanding how to use specific troubleshooting tools, it’s difficult to find them.  In many cases we must review logs across multiple devices and setup network taps, searching for out of sync messages or asymmetric traffic entries, and tend to identify issues quiet quickly.  This level of expertise unfortunately not something regular business users or their IT internal staff typically look into, since majority of IT Staff in companies now days mostly providing coding, basic system administration and business analysis.   


       Many of our customers ask us if there is a way to reduce their operational load and move their business process into cloud, although cloud outsourcing can reduce IT staff operational staff it doesn’t substitute for the simple fact of that regardless if there is cloud or no cloud, connectivity to WIFI, phones, video conferencing and supported bandwidth and resiliency design tactics within underlying network infrastructure for the users must be present.   


         Our company can help such companies alleviate the need for having full staff IT Network Engineer on premises and reduce associated business costs, especially for smaller companies who cannot afford dedicated IT Network Security Engineers in house.  We can design robust IT network, and help your IT staff administrators take control of the network and be able to properly manage it.  We can help your IT staff configure monitoring for the servers, switches, routers, load balancers. Contact us today for more info or request a quote.



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