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check    The biggest challenge in Tech Support is looking for a company that can fit in with your business model. Whether you are just starting up, or already an established small, medium or enterprise business, your goal is to find a company that can support your firm at its current size, and scale with your IT needs as you grow. 

Our DBA Binay Fusion company specializes in providing IT solutions, and IT consulting services for variety type of infrastructures, helping C-Level executives hold down the fort and address their IT business needs.  Our primary service area is CT, NY, NJ, PA we also offer online remote IT support and professional business continuity analysis for the metropolitan tri-state area.  


 Local and on-site IT Support and Solutions

 check      Our IT team consists of experts with a different set of skills and expertise ranging in Network Security, Analysis, and Design of modern Information Technology based networks.   We have created solidified network designs for a variety of companies that helped businesses save money on their IT infrastructure costs. 

We have managed to reduce IT CAPEX and OPEX for many businesses in different industries, ranging from Education, Financial/Hedge Funds organizations, Real Estate, Law Firms, Dental and Health Clinics, as well as Real Estate Agencies.   

Our company specializes in IT security solutions and can recommend robust IT Services for small, medium and large size businesses, we specialize in Open source Network Solutions and work with the following vendors, Solar Winds, Symantec, Checkpoint, PaloAlto, Juniper, Bluecoat, Cisco and many other vendors.    We can work locally on site.


 IT Marketing Services at the bargain price

 check    Our company also offers Marketing services for CT and NY and NJ companies, who are interested in increasing their clientele. The key factor that differentiates us from others is flexibility to provide services for variety type of companies. 

We help small/medium and large businesses succeed with our IT consulting and Network Infrastructure Integration Solutions and Services. by pulling together other companies in the mix to create a solution that single company typically cannot deliver.  

We also provide high-quality monthly IT Support and even provide local tutoring in CT and NY area. Check out our Service map and case studies for each corresponding service and see for yourself whether or not we are the right match or not for your company.  

 Who are we?

DBA Binary Fusion is a  leading innovative web development, project management, IT consulting, technology services organization providing a range of solutions to companies in the Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Entertainment industries across the U.S, with core geo-presence in CT, NY, Florida, Arizona, NJ, PA.

Are You tired of having to sign non-flexible contracts with Unresponsive IT Consultants for  Complicated, useless IT Support Solutions and Unreliable, Expensive Tech Support Services?

Why not get help from DBA Binary Fusion?

     Imagine your routers, switches, servers, workstations, your email & security systems (including Firewall & Antivirus), your peripherals, your company, benefiting from proactive managed IT solutions and IT Support, a team of Tech experts at your disposal, available every minute of every day, even physically at your location, with flexible according to SLA contracts at affordable price!

What makes us different from others? 


Well we can connect the dots here is how to Check Our GPS Tracking, WIFI, SDN, Mobile, IoT, custom searching engines solutions here. 

Real-Time chat, IoT, 3d ProtoTyping, Whiteboard, Cloud, GPS Tracking Mobile Solutions & mobile development solutions all in 1


       DBA Binary Fusion, has a presence in multiple locations and offers the most powerful and complete IT Business Solutions, ranging from innovative GPS tracking solutions to WIFI, SDN, 3d ProtoTyping, IoT, Cloud networking, real-time chat communication, whiteboard integration, Mobile In-Vehicle Networking, Cyber Security and beyond.

We focus on making technology affordable and transparent so you can focus on your small or medium business! 

We do not need to have a huge office to show everyone that we are experts, we have multiple office locations.  Our roots come from education, and solutions that we create by far out beat any other company in the small or medium sector.



       We create solutions and use these solutions not only for IT consulting businesses, but for our own businesses that we run in parallel, yet still, manage to provide necessary focus and reliability for small medium and enterprise level businesses. 

Our core expertise is not just selling solutions, our core expertise is helping your business by creating solutions from scratch based on specific use cases, then helping companies secure, analyze and design your network

    Many solutions that we create are for our own businesses, our company has managed to network multiple business owners together from different industries to deliver solutions for these businesses in the compatible and flexible way.  

If you are a business owner and struggling with IT related or business logic related issues, let us help your business succeed.  Choose us as your IT Consulting firm and you will not regret. 



We can help Businesses

We Provide


We make IT understandable, easy, and reliable.
No more worries about troubleshooting, fluctuating costs or lost productivity.
It’s the technology your business needs, simplified, and DBA Binary Fusion can make IT happen!


 Safety Tips to follow when hiring IT consulting company

  • When hiring IT consulting firm always asks them the following questions.
  • How can you help me, what business products have your IT consulting company launched?
  • What have IT solutions your company deployed, open source not open source etc?
  • How can IT company provide any solution at all if their website doesn't show any use cases or services to the real world business challenges?
  • What is the pricing per IT service?
  • How flexible is the pricing, fixed or per hour or per block of hours and where can all of that be seen?


Why chose us?

We happen to create our own products, our own search engines, our own video conferencing solutions, our own whiteboard solution, our own backup mechanisms, our own voice solutions, and best of all, we actually network it all together, not leaving it isolated as single useless isolated apps, plus we don't just say we do it, we show you it.

Check out just some of the websites and networks we created, check out services pages and flow charts to see what services, we offer what use cases we tailor our solutions for.

We do not just specialize in IT Networks but we also build custom Web Portal Networks, literally helping companies dominate their niche markets, we inter combine concepts of SEO, Web Marketing, Social Media, with custom search engines helping your company beat other competitors. 




Managed IT Services from DBA Binary Fusion can help you achieve your goals because we will:

  • Take your specific business and budgetary needs into account – ensuring you never end up paying for IT you don’t really need.
  • Keep an eye on your technology with computer support at all times – so you don’t incur the high cost of network downtime and lost data due to security failures.
  • Stand our ground on every IT Consulting recommendation we make – by offering you our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • View more info about out IT managed Services



Trusted IT Consulting from DBA Binary Fusion means you’ll get:

  • Increased efficiency – with a Technology Analysis of your existing infrastructure and advice on how to improve and better secure it.
  • Holistic IT consulting – with leading vendor products, detailed planning, and IT Implementation.
  • Increased security – our IT Regulation services mean your business can survive whatever comes your way.


Let our IT Consultants show you how to use your technology as a tool for success, as opposed to a constant source of stress and worry.

 View our services, and many other services through our flow chart service map.  If you have any questions contact us by phone and we will help you get your solution rolled out and help you manage it too!



Network and Server VirtualizationNetwork and Server Virtualization

Every company has servers, routers switches, load balancers and other critical network infrastructure consuming precious data center space and power.


Our network virtualization consultants in NY and CT/NJ (metropolitan tri-state area) can help companies reduce the cost of power and associated support cost on hardware. Nowadays routers, firewalls, and servers, as well as network security devices, can all be virtualized, in such a way that critical data resources are isolated for each particular set of virtual infrastructure.


Our XenApp and XenDesktop IT consulting services help companies build their Citrix Farm and centralize their branch offices as well as ensure that the connectivity across Citrix Farms and Profile Logins is fine tuned based on the best Citrix consulting practices.

Network and Server VirtualizationNetwork Security

Our IT Security Network Consultants offer our network security services in NY, CT, NJ entire Tri-State Area. However, if there are multiple data centers involved where let’s say one data center is in California and the other one is in NY, for example, we can also service these areas as well by leveraging our partners.


Our Network Security services focus on Web Security, Instant Messaging Security, Network Access Control and Firewall Security and External Vulnerability and Assessment.


We can ensure that your company is protected and risk is mitigated by providing you with the streamlined guest network access solutions, providing IT Managers with visibility into their network environment.


We provide a variety range of Network Security services ranging from URL Content Filtering and Application control consulting and integrationweb security services, and many others.  We can also extract logs out of your firewalls and leverage our Security Operation Services to alert IT managers in regards to any type of IT security threats minimizing your company's risk.  


Want to save money and look like a hero for your company?  Let us help you migrate from MPLS to VPN.  Find out how we can help with a FortiGATE solution. 


Network DesignNetwork Design

Our network consultants in NY and Tri-State are including CT and NJ, specialize in network design tailored towards you IT infrastructure. Whether your organization is in the process of refreshing their network to accommodate business continuity requirements or whether you are constantly experiencing network related issues that you simply can’t explain and looking for a network consultant who can identify the bottlenecks within your network and provide necessary solutions our network consultants can help.

Business Continuity PlanningSDN Network Design and Consulting for small, medium and large size companies

With the introduction of newer technologies, the days of traditional protocols are slowly dissipating with a newer more innovative approach for connecting networks together.  CIOs and CTOs are scrambling their heads to see which solution is truly the best for their existing campus office networks.  

Replacement of MPLS services is becoming a trend and push towards more affordable wired networks is becoming to take place in major organizations.  Find out how your organization can reduce your network complexity, and leverage SD-WAN for interconnectivity of remote sites to your central offices.  Discover how Binary Fusion can help and get SDN IT consulting advice for your organization, helping you save money and reduce complexity.


Business Continuity Planning Cloud AWS connectivity consulting for industrial, commercial, residential companies in Metropolitan areas of CT | NY, and NJ

We also provided in-house or on the road AWS cloud connectivity for industrial, commercial, residential businesses who are trying to develop the product and get it to the market, but need some brainstorming and consulting expertise that can help their devices get connected to the cloud in a secure way.  See how our company helps warehouses, shipping facilities and other types of industrial businesses get connected to the cloud and how we help companies get interns to get the job done, minimize costs and increase competitive advantage.  View our wired and wireless connectivity to the cloud services for Manhattan NY, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and other metropolitan areas in CT NY and NJ.



Business Continuity PlanningMobile to Mobile and Vehicle Network Design for IoT, M2m type of devices

    Whether you are a startup, small or medium business or large size company the chances are you are either in the process of evaluating existing IoT or M2M solutions that can help your organization improve its operational state or make money.  Our company helps startups across different industries to cook up an affordable network solution that is based on your particular business case. Examples of projects that we can help companies with include; Vehicle Network Mobile to Mobile design.  Interconnection of mobile 4g networks across different carriers for resilience to Amazon Cloud and AWS IoT.  
     Use cases for which we can help design mobile to mobile wireless networks for IoT and m2m customers who are in need of interconnecting components such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, water sensors, speed sensors, or connecting components that record other data using GPS and WIFI gear, or any type of network gear that is built on either Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Windows devices or any other industrial type of devices. Industries that we commonly help out include HVAC professional and residential and commercial AC repair, foam spray companies, schools, taxis, busses or any other moving vehicles that require the collection of data.    Click here to view IoT in Motion and vehicle network IT consulting services that DBA Binary Fusion offers and see how we can help.


Business Continuity PlanningBusiness Continuity Planning

The way we help organizations Take Control Of their Organization is by ensuring that proper Business Continuity practices are in place within the organization by providing proper Business Continuity Training for the CEOs and CIOs of the company.


We place heavy emphasis on Network Survey of the entire IT Network infrastructure identifying critical components providing solutions for such critical component, whether it’s Network Security aspect of Business Continuity solutions where all of your systems need to be redundant in the event of failure or any other solutions such as Data Protection Solutions, External Vulnerability Assessment, Email Archiving & Continuity, Information Security Policy Development and much more.

IT Office RelocationIT Office Relocation & Renovation

IT Office Network relocation services in Manhattan NY and Tri-State Area for startup small and mid-size companies “When it comes to moving from an old office to new one, we are the experts in not only helping you relocate your companies network resources, but help you to start off with the right network solution in your new office” Need help in getting your IT equipment fully functional in different office, or help you relocate/install your network access switches under desks or install additional equipment?


Our IT Network Consultants in Project Management can create fully detailed renovation/relocation plan of entire IT Office Relocation and Renovation project and ensure coordination between General Contracts and other IT Resources is properly handled, achieving successful completion of the project.,

IT Office RelocationUnified Voice and Video Communications

Need help in getting migrated to video conferencing solution that can integrate with your existing VOICE over IP Phone System? Our unified voice and video communication services are tailored towards companies who are in need of organized voice/video conferencing solution for internal, external, and business 2 business communication.


The services are geared towards companies who already may be using their existing Video Conferencing h.323/SIP end-points and looking for a solution that can be flexible enough to turn these endpoints in fully working video conferencing systems.


As part of our Unified Voice and Video Communication services we can integrate remote/internal employees using IPAD/Android devices with the softphone Cisco Jabber client, capable of providing video conferencing and desktop sharing, as well multi-way video conferencing functionality for users on the go, in the local office or at home. Additionally, we can integrate your existing CUCM with Telepresence endpoints and soft clients capable of dialing users through active directory phone book and maintaining global phone book visibility. 


IT Office RelocationWhiteboard and Video Conferencing Custom Integration and Collaboration

 Need help in getting migrated to video conferencing solution, that provides a truly collaborative experience without spending an outrageous amount on enterprise level expensive solutions, which are specifically built for you based on your particular use case? 


Our company provides custom voice/video conferencing + whiteboard integration services, where we can create custom hosted based solution specifically for your company to make the process of joining video conferencing meeting as easy as possible, allowing variety set of flexibilities ranging from desktop sharing, file sharing, chat, voice/video recording, interoperability between other remote offices or central offices leveraging h.323 or sip based devices.


Flexible Collaboration Use Cases Integration for variety types of company's infrastructure


         Our solution also provide flexibility to hold meetings directly from browser, obtain video/voice recordings, integrate LDAP address book to your Active Directory infrastructure or create custom search engine that can list all of your employees and their corresponding details and link it all up with flexibility to hold video conferencing meetings, while sharing whiteboard, accessing whiteboard on Microsoft Surface devices with Pen or  IPAD devices or Android devices and viewing presentations, or desktop sharing of others, being able to join meeting from variety set of devices, depending on your particular need and integrating any other components of your network in the mix with the video conferencing solution that will not cost you 100s of thousands of dollars as it is in the case of major enterprise teleconference solutions.  We can build it based on your needs and specific use cases with minimum license fees, that doesn't break a bank and provide your company with a flexible method of collaboration.   


Integration with SharePoint or custom collaboration solution


        We can also integrate it into SharePoint and also have dedicated Sharepoint collaboration solution as well that we can assist in integrating with.  The best part about these solutions is that they require the expertise of a true network consultant, who knows concepts ranging from web development and infrastructure, something that is almost impossible to find on the market today.  Feel free to check our whiteboard and video conferencing collaboration and integration solutions services page to see what use cases we worked with already and feel free to contact us to request a demo.


IT Office RelocationUnified Wireless Solutions

We all know everybody hates wireless connectivity in comparison to wired connectivity, why not help you love wireless connectivity and provide you with the solution that will work within your environment, be flexible enough to allow visibility into what wireless devices are connecting to your environment, be central allowing IT Directors and Engineers to reduce amount of troubleshooting time needed and reduce maintenance expenses, while at the same time be scalable and aligned to your company’s IT Security Policies and BYOD standards.


Our IT Unified Wireless Solutions are focused primarily around Cisco and Enterasys vendors, but for smaller offices, we can integrate your network with other Wireless Solution vendors such as SonicWall or Juniper and other vendors. Additionally, we can conduct Wireless Site Survey prior to rolling out Wireless Solution for your company, and recommend optimal WIFI Access Point placement.

IT Office RelocationCisco Nexus Core Services

Interested in getting your Cisco switches upgraded to the latest and the greatest Nexus Core switches? Are you prepared for the new OS or still used to IOS? If not then you will need us, IT Experts, Business IT Consultants, and Network Engineers all in one packaged to help you migrate your existing core switches onto the new network.


Ensuring optimal network connectivity performance maximum amount of monitoring flow sessions and proper ether-channeling connectivity and OVT redundancy is what we do best. We can provide detailed step by step plan of how to upgrade your existing core network and divide it across multiple change control windows ensuring that the upgrade of the core switches is as transparent as possible for general user population.

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